Our Mission

We provide the most ethical, convenient and efficient full dental service for the family unit.

Ethical: We always do what is in the best interest of our patients. We know that successful dental practices are built on long term, trusting relationships with our patients.

Convenient: Our service is catered to the family unit this means that we have to live our promise of convenience. This is how we do it:

  • Strong anchor tenants/neighbors: Our locations will always be near shopping centres.

  • Weekend Appointments: Offers greater flexibility and convenience, allowing individuals with busy weekday schedules to access dental care without disrupting work or school commitments. This accessibility can lead to better oral health maintenance and timely treatment, ultimately improving overall patient well-being.

  • Weekday evening hours: Accommodates those who work during regular office hours or have daytime commitments.

  • Multiple dentists: Since we never want our patients to be waiting in pain, multiple dentists on staff provide a wider range of expertise and services under one roof. Patients can access specialized care, receive second opinions, and schedule appointments more conveniently, ensuring comprehensive and tailored dental treatment options.

Visibility/Parking accessibility: Our locations are highly visible and positioned where parking is easy to find.
Our Values

What Makes Us Smili Dental?


An Exceptional Patient Experience

The Smili Patient experience is what makes Smili unique. Our patients can feel and experience the difference our approach makes. Building a trusting foundation with our patients forms the bedrock of our company culture. 


Convenience and Value

From the minute your walk in, to your departure, we ensure that our patient’s experience is friendly, convenient and pleasant. 


Building Trust and Relationships

We want to be your long-term family dentists and pride ourselves on building that trusting relationship with you and your family.


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