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Why Smili Dental?

Our friendly and efficient full-service family dental practice is designed with the busy family and individual in mind! Our valuable and affordable Membership Plans are at the heart of our customer-centric focus.

Do What Is In The Best Interest of Our Patients
No matter how big or small the treatment, we are here to give our patients the best quality care possible. Remembering a patient and making sure that they are heard and feel cared for is where we win. Our exceptional dental standards, care for our patients’ wellbeing, and following up with their needs differentiates us. When you remember and catch the little things, people call you consistent.

Building trust is a two-fold and invaluable core value that we uphold in all of our Smili clinics. Our patients trust us. We are in the business of caring and so we are deeply dedicated to maintaining a strong relationship with our patients. Our dental teams strive to build long term, meaningful connections with our patients and in turn, our patients come to us for that very reason. From the teething toddlers to retiring seniors, we are there for our patients every step of the way. Building trusted relationships also extends amongst our internal dental team which means that we are always boosting each other up, respecting each other and finding the best ways to serve our communities.

Delivering exceptional dental care is a team sport. We are able to have multiple dentists in our clinics because each dentist helps each other out to ensure every patient has a great outcome, every visit. Teamwork is at the forefront of the Smili way and always exemplified when our more experienced dentists provide mentorship to our newer associates. We have a serious passion for our work – and treating all of our team members with respect and keeping the egos in-check is visible to our patients. Our clinical teams and front office staff work closely to make sure every patient is taken care of. Our team members are highly respected and valued for their teamwork and commitment to our patients.

Our Values

What Makes Us Smili Dental?


An Exceptional Patient Experience

The Smili Patient experience is what makes Smili unique. Our patients can feel and experience the difference our approach makes. Building a trusting foundation with our patients forms the bedrock of our company culture. 


Convenience and Value

From the minute your walk in, to your departure, we ensure that our patient’s experience is friendly, convenient and pleasant. 


Building Trust and Relationships

We want to be your long-term family dentists and pride ourselves on building that trusting relationship with you and your family.


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